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Grief & Loss Therapy in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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The loss of a loved one is one of the most psychically painful experiences that we can endure.  Sometimes, we experience similar debilitating symptoms at the loss of a job, a pet, a former lifestyle, or even our youth.  As we attempt to make sense of the loss and establish some sense of the new normal, we too often encounter helpful friends and relations who, upon encountering our sorrow, lovingly urge us to go through a particular “process” in order to “get over” the loss.  Dr. Gary M. Forrest, LMFT (Gary) works with you not to “get over” your loss, but to create your own unique plan for understanding and moving forward with your loss in a way that benefits you.


Get the Help You Need


The many and varied ways that we grieve can be normal and often healthy responses to our experience of loss. But, when the symptoms associated with the experience of loss begin to negatively impact your ability to function, your relationships, your job, or your quality of life, it may be time to get professional help.  Dr. Gary M. Forrest, LMFT (Gary) provides a safe and secure setting in Fort Lauderdale, FL for understanding and working with grief and loss.  Using a variety of techniques, Gary collaborates with you to effectively move toward a more beneficial understanding of the loss, which then enables you to achieve the balance you seek.

Contact Robin (the Office Manager) at the Fort Lauderdale, FL office of Dr. Gary M. Forrest, LMFT for more information or an appointment.  Gary’s weekly office hours include Saturdays and weeknights until 9 pm.   We are located on Oakland Park Boulevard, just under 1 mile east of I-95.